Property Guide For Single Women

Taking a property for singles is definitely a daunting task indeed, especially for single women. You need to be mindful about all the small details; you need to think of every possible eventuality before venturing out for a property search. If you want a home in a different city altogether, there would be additional things which you need to be mindful of. So taking decisions hastily is something which you should avoid at all costs, because it is your home after all.


Below are some of the points which should be kept in mind,

  1. AFFORDABLE PROPERTY: Properties at affordable rates is something which should always be kept in mind. You need to do a proper research of the possible areas which are in close proximity to you and the current property rates as well. Rash decisions could well lead to disastrous consequences financially. Therefore having a proper budget is also a mandatory part keeping in mind your expenses and other conditions. Your responsibilities do not end after you have taken the property; there are other costs which need to be kept in check. Therefore taking an affordable property is a positive yes.


  1. LOCATIONS: As mentioned previously, proper location always matters because it connects you to the urban areas wherein you can buy your necessary stuff. Plus the location should be scouted for amenities so that you won’t fall short of it in the future. Are there main roads connecting to your home location for ease of travelling is also a point to be taken into consideration.


  1. GETTING THE HOME LOAN: The big one, the plunge which needs to be taken after searching up for the perfect property for you. Getting the perfect home loan as per your financial aspects, the rate of interests and all other things should be kept in mind. There are lower interest rates available for working women as the rate of defaulters in women is considerably less as compared to that of men. There are also proportionate tax deductions available of up to 2lakhs for the home loan interest…


  1. INVESTMENTS: You also need to make your money work for you. Proper investment is thereby crucial in you are thinking in terms of larger scale, for example a bigger home and in a location better suited for you. Also, if you are already living somewhere you can try renting new property so that you can earn from there as well.


  1. INSURANCE: Taking insurances always goes a long way. You also need to take care of yourself along with the money. If you are not prepared for an uncalled eventuality, you will lose out on opportunities and safeguarding yourself should be your primary concern. You should also insure your new home as well in lieu of anything unexpected.


Women are breaking those age old shackles of bondage and ushering in the age of a new tomorrow. With great power comes great responsibility, so you should avoid being complacent when it comes to properties as the market is volatile and we you need to be prepared for the same. Happy Property searching!!!

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