5 tips to improve your odds of getting a Small Business Loan

If you are thinking to apply for a small business loan then it can be a daunting and discouraging process. No matter how much money you currently have in your account, they will check your previous balances of 6 to 12 months old and once they are satisfied with your income and account balance and will be assured that you can pay back the loan, they will provide you the loan for start-up or business. Even if you are already running your small business and want to expand it then you need money for that and money is available out there.

It’s all about money and you need to make a plan for that as without planning you can be turned down for a loan as the small business loan interest rate will be very high. So if you want to know how you can improve your chances to get a start up business loans then check out the tips below:

business loan interest rate

  • You should have a strong business plan as the lenders will check your vision for the business and you should be aware of that what you can achieve from your business to show the realistic view of your business to get the small business loan in Delhi easily and quickly. But before applying wait to improve your credit scores as the lenders, banks and any other lenders have their own criteria to approve your unsecured business loans. It can be improved by paying any balance left of your credit card or by paying any other debt.
  • Make sure that you have a good credit score as to approve the loan and to start the loan process all lenders will check your credit score and by checking your credit score, they will tell you whether they can approve your loan or not, so make sure that you are making payments of your credit cards, loans etc on time.
  • Don’t fix to a single lender, make a list of lenders available in your area and check out who is offering money at the low interest for your start up business loans and after that calculate how much money you want to borrow for your business and chose the one which is providing best service and interest rate. You should know the exact amount that you need and how it will be used and repaid.

business loan interest rate

  • The money lenders will check your number of documents like bank statements, address proof, DOB proof, passport, ITR’s etc. So before applying for a loan, you should keep your all documents ready to get the loan instantly.
  • If any money lender asks you that if your business gets failed then how will you pay back the amount then you should clearly say that you will pay back by selling the assets or equipment used in business but never say that you will sell your home. Always tell them that you will sell all the assets and equipment or any type of machinery to pay back the borrowed money.
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